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  1. On Rayashop you can browse the product catalogue which contains different categories and products.
  2. A. When you find a product you are interested in click the "Add to cart" button,
B. If the product is not available on our website the "Add to cart" button will be dimmed.
C. A product can be unavailable but you can add it to your wish list to receive a notification when it becomes available again.
3. After getting redirected to the Shopping cart page you’ll see all the products that you selected for purchase.
4. In the shopping cart page, you have 4 options:
 A. you can select different quantities of the products that you have already placed in your shopping cart,
 B. you can remove items from the shopping cart,
 C. you can continue shopping and add more products, and D. you can continue your order and Checkout
5. When you click the "Checkout" button the payment page will be presented, then you can either to choose Pay On Delivery or Online Payment.
6. Payment methods:
 A. Pay on delivery. In this method you can pay after delivering the product to you and you can either Pay Cash or Credit card.
 B. Online Payment. (premium card)
 C. If you choose the online payment method then you will be redirected to "Bank Misr" secured website to provide your credit card details and complete the payment process
7. A. After clicking on Proceed button the Website will ask you to login if you are not logged in. B. In this page you can either to login if you have a user name and password then you will be directed to your invoice page,
C. Or register for free if you don’t have user name and password, and
D. After completing the registration process successfully you will be directed to your invoice page.
8. In the invoice page, it is required to type the shipping address. Also you can change any needed information in the shipping details. After completing the required data you can press Submit Order button.
9. A. Only after submitting the order successfully, you will receive an invoice on your email (the email you used to register).
B. If you didn't receive the invoice on your email that means that you submit the order successfully or you didn’t complete the payment process, in the online payment process only, and your card is not charged (given that your email is a valid email, and the email service is working properly)
10. For any further inquiries, please click here or call 19900